Culinary Disasters of a Wanna Be Chef

Yes, Stuff Everywhere

Yes, Stuff Everywhere

Weeknight Disaster!

Tonight was the night I decided I would make dinner for tomorrow night at the same time I made our dinner for tonight. Bad plan. Bad, bad, plan. I started dinner at 5:30 pm, and finished cleaning up at 8:00 pm.

I would consider this one of my Culinary Disasters of a Wanna Be Chef. I made a huge mess! You don’t know me, but I’m a neatnik. I like everything in it’s place, and clean up as I go.

I have no idea how my usually orderly kitchen got out of control, but by the time I served our grilled steak and sweet potato fries, and put together the ground turkey and broccoli lasagne for tomorrow night (new recipe, I’ll let you know how that goes), I had made a royal disaster of my kitchen.

Clean Again, Happy Cook

Clean Again, Happy Cook

Back to neat and clean, what a job! Lesson learned, making extra meals for the week should be done on the weekend, not during the week when I’m already pooped.

By the way, if anyone reading this knows how to make healthy, crispy sweet potato fries, please let me know. Mine always turn out soggy.:)

The Great Turkey Distaster of 2001

Okay, I realize this is not Thanksgiving season, but I was reviewing in my mind some of the crazy things I’ve done during my years of cooking. Prominent in my mind was a Thanksgiving where I had decided that brining a turkey was the way to go. This was based, of course, on my many hours researching the perfect way to cook a turkey.

I can picture myself, so excited, driving to the store. I collected all my ingredients and headed home in bliss. I knew I was going to provide my loving family with the best turkey they had ever eaten (sorry Mom).

After hours of shopping and preparation, I finally had my “perfect” turkey brining in its “apple juice or cider” brine. Exhausted, I went to bed ready to roast my turkey in the morning.

God, or the universe, works in an amazing way when we sleep. Around 2 a.m. I awoke from a deep, exhausted sleep. Had I really used cider vinegar instead of apple cider?  I ran out to the kitchen and removed the cover from my pot of turkey and brine. Took a nice, long, whiff. Oh, cider vinegar!!!!!! (Yes, the many exclamation marks are appropriate as to how I was feeling.)

Lots of salt and cider vinegar. This couldn’t end well. Can’t imagine where my mind was when I constructed this disaster, but I had to save my turkey. It was my turkey, myself and the kitchen sink with lots and lots of water. I rinsed, rinsed, and rinsed again.

Needless to say, either my family really loves me and didn’t say anything about their vinegar turkey, or I truly saved it in time. All I know is all I could taste was a hint of vinegar in every bite. Was it my imagination, or the truth? No one will ever know, because I never told a soul.


As much as I would love to say all my attempts at culinary delights turn out well, I must admit that many of them hit the garbage pail before they ever make it into my cookbook. chili_pepper

I hate waste. I hate to waste food, and I hate to waste money. So my freezer is full of containers of culinary disasters that I somehow think I’m going to save in another dish.

An example of this would be my first attempt at using Chipotle Chili sauce. Oh – my – gosh! Was this chili hot? Yep, really, really hot! I couldn’t stand the thought of throwing way a huge kettle of chili, so I froze it in small, small batches. It is now the base for almost any chili I make. See? Some things can be saved from death in the disposal. 🙂


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