Low Cal Soy Iced Coffee

coffee_beansI love iced coffee, but I refuse to pay the price at the coffee stand. Since I’m trying to add soy to my diet, I decided I would start making iced coffees at home. I figured all the local coffee stand was doing was brewing my coffee, adding soy milk and ice. Why should I pay them for something I could easily do myself?

Now I brew a pot of my favorite brand of coffee and put it in the frig. I buy light or nonfat soy milk in either vanilla, or chocolate (keeping the calories under 100), and mix it with my coffee and ice.

Recently I started buying the powdered fiber that dissolves in your food and I add that to my coffee as well. I can’t taste it, and I’m making sure I get the fiber I need for the day.

Cheap and only 2 Weight Watchers points! How can you go wrong?

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