Yahoo! Goal Weight!

Mother RimmyYahoo! It’s taken 5 months, but I finally met my goal weight! During the past two years I had gained 15 pounds.

Mind you, I’m 5′ 2″ and I weighed 135 pounds, so I didn’t have the 40 pounds to lose that I did when I quit smoking. Still, I couldn’t find anything in my closet that I could zip or button, and I wanted to reduce my blood pressure.

Refusing to buy new clothes (I had donated all my larger clothes years ago), I went back to Weight Watchers. I happily report that I’ve lost those 15 pounds and I can put on anything I have in my closet. More importantly, I’m proud of myself for sticking with it.

I can’t say I’m the perfect Weight Watchers member. I have lots of weekends where dinner out derails my healthy eating plan (it’s usually worth the points :)), but overall, I’m eating healthier and lighter, and so is my husband.

Thank you Weight Watchers!

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