My Newest Exercise Craze, Yoga

I belong to the local exercise club and recently discovered the amazing benefits of yoga. I’m devoted to exercising. It relieves my stress, keeps my weight within a reasonable range, and just makes my body feel better than it does when I’m a couch potato.

Recently I decided to attend a Saturday yoga class. The class was always full when I walked past. There were people of all age ranges and body size, both male and female. Something had to be good about this class to attract so many people.

I’m hooked now. I bought a few yoga videos, and attend class whenever time allows. It’s hard to describe just how good yoga makes me feel, but not only does my body feel stretched and strengthened, I feel at peace when I’m done.

I am not a health professional, so I am not in any way making recommendations as to what you should, or shouldn’t do regarding your fitness routine. If you have health issues, you should talk with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine, even something as gentle as yoga. But, if you are looking for a way to get started with a fitness routine, yoga would be tops on my list.

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