Compost Bin

compost_binI’ve just recently become a compost convert. We moved out to the “country” a few years ago and our new home is on a septic system. I decided it was best for my garden, and the septic system, if I started composting instead of using the garbage disposal. I bought an inexpensive plastic garbage pail with a tight fitting lid, and I keep in under the sink until I need it. It is dumped weekly and easy to clean out. I spent $10. Pretty cheap investment. (Just remember never to put meat in the compost bin, this would not be a good thing.)

What I’ve discovered is that this makes my cooking and preparing of fruits and vegetables much easier. I just keep my compost bin next to my chopping board and dump all the refuse in the bin as I chop, shred and dice. I save time, and my garden reaps the benefits.


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