Chopping Garlic

I love garlic in almost anything, however, chopping garlic is one of my most dreadedgarlic1 tasks. I can’t say why, but I just find it a tedious chore. Sure, I could use a garlic press if I could find one that wasn’t a pain to clean. Haven’t found one yet. I could also use jarred chopped garlic from the grocery store, but I think it lacks freshness and flavor.

My solution? Recently I discovered that I can use a handheld shredder with the small holes, and shred the garlic. Works like a charm for me! It quickly shreds a clove of garlic with little mess and it’s easy to clean the shredder. Just be careful as to how much garlic you use in your recipe when you use this method. In some ways, it “juices” the clove a bit, so the flavor is more intense.


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