Chicken Salad Sandwich

It is possible to have a chicken salad sandwich and keep the calories light. I buy whatever low calorie whole wheat bread is on sale at the market. You could also fill a whole wheat pita, or wrap for a twist on the same meal. In addition I purchase fat free mayonnaise or salad dressing. Tastes just fine to me, especially in a sandwich, where fresh ingredients add the best flavor.

Chop leftover chicken. Add chopped onion of your choice and chopped celery. If you have fresh parsley that’s really a boost. Mix together the mayonnaise, dijon mustard and if you have fresh lemon juice, add some of that –  not too much, just enough to brighten the flavor of the sauce. Mix chicken and sauce.

Build your sandwich, wrap or pita. I would add sliced tomato and lettuce. This is a filling, light lunch that sticks with me most of the day, especially if I add an apple or orange for a snack. For dinner add a side salad and you have a meal.

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