Broccoli with Easy Mustard Sauce

Another recipe I’ve used for years, so I can’t say where it originally came from. I’m always looking for ways to serve broccoli. This recipe is easy and the sauce adds really good flavor to the broccoli.

Serves 4
3    cup    Broccoli — florets
½    cup    Chicken Broth
½    tsp    Thyme
2    tbsp    Nonfat sour cream
2    tsp    Flour
2    tsp    Dijon Mustard


Bring broth and thyme to boil and add broccoli. Simmer til tender. Do not drain. Remove broccoli from pan and add remaining ingredients. DO NOT BOIL. Heat through and toss with broccoli to serve.

Nutrition Summary by Serving (Excluding Unknown Items)
23.3  Calories ( 2.3  Calories From Fat – 9.82 percent of total);  0.3 g Fats;  1.9 g Protein;  4.6 g Carbohydrates;  0.0 mg Cholesterol;  1.8 g Fiber; 22.5 mg Sodium

WW Points 0

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